State supplemental budget includes $200 million for COVID-19 efforts

An image from TVW shows the Washington State Senate adjourning Thursday night.

The Washington Legislature adjourned Thursday night after approving a $53.4 billion supplemental budget that included $200 million for efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19.

That included $25 million for unemployment insurance to help employees laid off during the coronavirus outbreak.

The operating budget increases state spending by $1 billion.

The budget also spends $170 million for services to address homelessness.

But efforts pushed by Gov. Jay Inslee to implement a low-carbon fuel standard died in the Senate for the second straight session.

Inslee said he was disappointed by that, and by the Legislature’s failure to impose limits on high-capacity gun magazines.

The supplemental budget was passed mostly along party lines, with Republican 12th District Reps. Keith Goehner and Mike Steele voting no. It was passed in the Senate by a 28-21 vote, with Sen. Brad Hawkins voting in opposition.

“I could not support the broad scope of spending in the operating budge,” Hawkins said. “Especially during a time when the state is responding to the ongoing COVID-19 virus.”

The $200 million for COVID-19 efforts, however, was passed unanimously in both chambers.

The Legislature also approved a $10 billion transportation budget.