State releases report on occupations with the most COVID-19 cases


In a new breakdown of COVID-19 cases by occupation in Washington, the state says health care workers account for the most positive tests.

The report uses data from the Department of Health and Department of Labor and Industries to determine which occupations have been hit hardest.

Health care and social assistance, with 2,375 confirmed cases, had by far the most positive cases out of the 6,441 people who were tracked for the report.

Though 13 percent of Washington’s population works in those professions, the positive cases among those workers accounted for 37 percent of the positive tests.

The state noted, however, that those professions are more often tested than others.

Broken down to specific professions, “health care practitioners and healthcare support accounted for 24 percent of the cases.

Manufacturing, which includes food processing workers, had the second-highest number of positive cases with 605 of the 6,441 people tracked.

Manufacturing workers had 9 percent of the cases, matching exactly the percentage of people employed in manufacturing.

“It’s important to note that while the risk for contracting COVID-19 may be higher for people depending on their industry or occupation, this report reflects where people work, not where or how they were infected,” the report noted. “It can be difficult to determine with certainty where and how people get infected. In addition, healthcare workers have been a priority testing group since the start of the pandemic potentially resulting in increased detection of COVID-19 in this group.”

The Department of Health said the data in the report will be updated regularly on its website.