Some election envelopes in Douglas County went out with two ballots inside

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If your Douglas County election envelope showed up with two ballots inside, you’re not being given twice the democracy.

The Douglas County Auditor’s Office says some envelopes went out with the double ballots but if anyone is tempted to vote twice, don’t.

Your vote can only be counted once.

Douglas County Auditor Thad Duvall said 468 envelopes went out with two ballots inside. That’s out of more than 22,000 total ballots that were mailed, he said.

The county received a couple calls from voters Monday, then more today and it was clear something was wrong, Duvall said.

The mailing house in Everett that was contracted to prepare and mail the ballots said there appeared to have been an error in some of the insertion machinery, he said.

The ballot is for the presidential primary only and must be returned by March 10.

On the return envelope, above where you must sign, there is a mandatory choice you must make between voting as a Democrat or a Republican.

On the Democratic side, there are numerous choices but only Donald Trump on the Republican side.

If a voter fails to indicate a party, their vote does not count.

If they vote for a Democratic candidate but select Republican on their party choice, their vote does not count.

If they’ve mistakenly received two ballots and choose the same on both ballots, one is thrown out.

If they vote for two different candidates or select two different parties, things get a little complicated.

Duvall said the ballots likely would then be taken to the county’s canvassing board to determine the intent of the voter. If the board decides it can’t clearly identify intent, both votes could be counted as over votes, which would nullify both.

Duvall said he doesn’t want things to get too confusing, and confusion can be avoided if you receive two ballots.

“The simple message is throw one away … vote one and return it,” Duvall said.