Soap Lake police chief spots car that was stolen from woman’s house after she passed away


[While assisting with a domestic violence call Thursday, Soap Lake Police Chief Ryan Cox saw a familiar vehicle drive by.

The green Cadillac belonged to former Soap Lake City Councilwoman Judith Tramayne, who honked every time she passed the chief.

However, she passed away last year and shortly after her death her home had been burglarized and her Cadillac stolen.

Cox, who had been assisting Grant County Sheriff’s deputies, gave chase on Road 20 Northeast.

He eventually stopped the vehicle at a home he said is well known to officers and deputies in Grant County.

Two of the four people inside the stolen Cadillac were arrested on a variety of charges and warrants.

Arrested on several charges and warrants were passenger Geovanni Lopez, 21, and driver, Ross Willard Andrews, 58.

Cox said charges on the stolen vehicle are likely pending. Andrews claimed he bought the car for $400, without a title, Cox said.

“A good part of this story is the daughter was up here from California and I didn’t know this, so I called her to tell her we found her mom’s car, she was like ‘Really? I just literally pulled into my mom’s house.’ So we were able to get it back to her the same day she was up here,” Cox said.