Smoke likely to be visible today from Forest Service prescribed burn


With weather conditions just right today, the U.S. Forest Service began its aggressive prescribed burning program in the Entiat Ranger District.

The controlled burn Tuesday is about eight miles northeast of Ardenvoir, just west of Navarre Coulee.

The Forest Service says smoke will be visible in the Chelan Valley this afternoon and evening but is expected to blow out of the area by Wednesday.

The Forest Service plans to burn more than 2,400 acres in 11 North Central Washington locations this spring to reduce forest fuels and lessen the intensity of wildfires this summer.

On Monday, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced they will be burning about 500 acres in the Colockum State Wildlife Area this month as part of its own prescribed burning effort in seven areas of Eastern Washington.

In addition to the burn outside Wenatchee, Fish and Wildlife also has a prescribed burn planned for about 248 acres in the Methow Wildlife Area outside Winthrop.

The exact dates for both the Forest Service and WDFW burns are dependent on weather conditions.