Skyline Drive street race ends in injuries


WENATCHEE – Police say a street race ended Saturday evening when one of the cars crashed into a vehicle parked at the overlook area on Skyline Drive. A 17 year old girl was injured in the crash.

Captain Edgar Reinfeld explained, “Two vehicles that were apparently racing over the top of Skyline and one of them lost control and ended up arching to the Skyline Overlook parking area and crashing into a parked vehicle. We are fortunate that the injuries to the victim female are very minor.”

The location of the accident at the Skyline Drive overlook has recently come under scrutiny by the City after neighboring residents complained about ongoing problems with noise and traffic. The City has agreed to install security cameras to help monitor the activity. Captain Reinfeld says the camera’s might have been helpful with this investigation.

Reinfeld continues to address the Skyline Drive concerns, “We have done speed work ups based on video footage with decent timing. They are not as telling as watching vehicle movement over distance against time. It would be a tremendous asset in this case, were the cameras up there, we would probably have a suspect vehicle already and be working it all the way through.”

Reinfeld says police could use your help in finding the vehicle involved in the crash. Its described as a Teal-colored Honda Civic with severe front.