Skateboard-Wielding Suspect Arrested After Attack in Wenatchee


WENATCHEE- Wenatchee Police say a local skateboarder faces criminal charges after attacking a woman’s vehicle with his longboard.

Captain Edgar Reinfeld says it happened shortly after 5 p.m. on Wenatchee Avenue at the PUD’s parking lot entrance. As a woman was leaving the PUD parking lot, a 28-year-old Wenatchee man identified as Patrick Stottlemyre started smashing his longboard on the front-end of the woman’s 2008 Dodge Caravan.

“He did about $2,500 in damage as he was smashing the car with his longboard and started screaming at the woman that he was going to kill her,” Reinfeld said. “She did the smart thing and put her vehicle in reverse to back away and get away from him as he continued to chase her with his longboard.”

Reinfeld said a PUD Security Officer was nearby and ran over to help the woman.

“Mr. Stottlemyre turned his attention to the PUD Security Officer and made additional threats to kill him with his skateboard held up over his head,” Reinfeld said, adding that a nearby officer also saw the exchange.

“It so happens one of our officers was at the gas pumps, we use the PUD gas pumps to fuel all of the city vehicles by a contract, the officer saw this interaction happening and got over there and managed to get the suspect in custody,” Reinfeld said. “Once he was in custody he continued to fight in the patrol car, had to be hobbled which means we restrain the legs as well, and ultimately had to be checked out at the hospital before booking into the Chelan County Regional Justice Center.”

Reinfeld says its unknown what set the suspect off. He faces multiple charges including threats to kill and assault.