Sinkholes in roadways among problems caused by rainstorms in Wenatchee area

Chelan County Public Works photo A sinkhole has developed on Burch Mountain Road north of Wenatchee.

You can add sinkholes to the problems caused by recent heavy rains.

Chelan County Public Works says there are two new sinkholes in the Burch Mountain Road area, north of Wenatchee.

A sinkhole on Burch Mountain Road just north of Red Fern Road has a traffic revision in place.

Pay attention, the county warns, saying some motorists have been seen not obeying the signage.

Motorists should stay to the right.

Another sinkhole near East Peters Street is taking up the northbound land, reducing traffic to one lane.

Tuesday saw flooding throughout the region, including in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee.

Debris came pouring down Slide Ridge on South Lake Shore Road this morning, blocking the road for several hours before a bypass road was opened.