Sheriff: SpaceX rocket component recovered in rural Grant County

A composite-overwrapped pressure vessel from the March 25 reentry of a Space X Falcon 9 Heavy rocket booster was recovered this week on Grant County property. (Grant County Sheriff's Office)

GRANT COUNTY — When a SpaceX rocket component broke up over the Northwest on March 25, it appeared to reenter harmlessly. But it turns out at least one large piece of the booster did impact the Earth.

A composite-overwrapped pressure vessel was recovered this week on private property in southwestern Grant County. Sheriff Tom Jones says a team from SpaceX has reclaimed the item, and his office won’t disclose any further details about where the component was found.

Composite-overwrapped pressure vessels hold fluid under pressure and resist impact damage. In spaceflight, they are commonly used in in propulsion, science experiments and life support applications, according to NASA.

No injuries or property damage have been reported from the reentry.