Sen. Hawkins pushes legislation to assess fire prone areas for treatment plans


OLYMPIA– State Senator Brad Hawkins has authored one of several bills that address wildfires. The legislation he’s pushing would require the State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to assess fire prone areas and establish a treatment plan to reduce the threat.

In a Skype interview with NCWLIFE’s Steve Hair, Hawkins said the legislation could help take care of prescribed burning and the thinning of the forests throughout the region.

“So over time, whether it’s two, four, six, eight and eventually 16 years we can get to the point where we can take care of some of this prescribed burning and thinning of our forests and really see a measurable difference over time,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins’ bill is one of a long list of measures dealing with wildfire response and preparation. The legislation is moving through committees in both the Senate and House of Representatives.