Seattle couple faces fines after illegal development in Leavenworth

illegal shoreline

LEAVENWORTH- Illegal shoreline development in Leavenworth will cost a Seattle area couple $19,000.

In addition to the civil penalty, the Washington Department of Ecology has ordered Christopher and Janett Olson to obtain all necessary permits and restore the shoreline destroyed when they created land for future development, according to a press release from the department.

The Olson’s were cited for removing important vegetation, dredging material from an un-named stream, installing a culvert, and placing fill dirt in the river channel during development on property they own, and without permission, on a neighboring parcel.

According to the press release, the couple did not comply to formal requests to correct the issues in December, and did not meet the March 20 deadline.

Naturally functioning shorelines are threatened when property owners conduct land clearing, dredging and filling activities, on shorelines and in wetlands without proper planning and permits.