Seahawks Quarterback visits Wenatchee

NCWLIFE's Jay Seabeck chats with Trevone Boykin during his visit to the Wenatchee Valley


WENATCHEE- The 12’s were out in full force in Wenatchee on Wednesday afternoon at Walmart with a special guest.

In conjunction with Weinstein Beverage and Frito Lay, Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Trevone Boykin stopped in to sign autographs and take pictures with eager fans.

Jay Seabeck met up with Trevone to talk about playing in the NFL and how to get there.

Jay: How has the welcoming party been here in Wenatchee?

Trevone: You all have done more than outstanding. To come here and see all the support that the seahawks have is like no other. It was just so unreal to come and feel the love.

Jay: What would you tell some of the young kids about following your dreams?

Trevone: One thing I would say is, never give up. If you’re going to set your goal in life to be something, go be it. I remember when I first started playing this game, from pop warner I always knew I wanted to play in the national football league. And for me my dream came true, and it’s something that you just have to take into consideration that a lot of people don’t get to do this. So for you to be the top people in the business doing what you do and doing what you love to do, it’s a lot of fun. I would say just stick to it and follow your dream.

Jay: How do you prepare yourself each day to be ready as a backup?

Trevone: You just stay with it, at the end of the day its ball. You go out there and have fun, everything will take care of itself. The more you practice, the more you get better, the more reps you get. It’s all fun, you take as many mental reps as you can when you’re not on the field. In that aspect, you just try to stay ready, stay healthy make sure you stay in the play book, just do all those little things to give you an advantage so when they do call your name you’re ready.