Seahawks players and organization call for equality


The senseless death of an African-American in Minneapolis at the hands of a white police officer has been felt throughout the country, including the sports community. The Seahawks put out a statement Monday, supporting the goal of equality and togetherness.

“The Seahawks family is dismayed by the unacceptable act of violence that occurred against George Floyd last week in Minneapolis and grieve that loss, along with countless others in a similar manner, including most recently Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. Our heartfelt condolences are extended to their families, and every other family that has had to endure the pain from similar atrocities. These biased actions are systemic and have plagued our society for generations and have culminated to the current state of unrest we are experiencing. The Seahawks are guided by overall principles of acceptance and understanding that help us create a culture of respect, equality and inclusiveness both on and off the field. We, as an organization and as individuals, represent and respect a wide range of human differences, personal experiences and cultural backgrounds. We stand with Seattle, and every community in uniting to help heal our society and overcome the hurt, anger and frustration through peaceful protests and acts of togetherness.”

The organization went another step in saying it will provide recipients with grants from the Seahawks Players Equality and Justice for All Action Fund in the amount of half a million dollars.

Coach Pete Carroll took significant time in a team video conference to allow players to express their feelings and experiences about what’s going on in the country.

Bobby Wagner began his Monday press conference by inviting the media involved to tell the story of the black experience in America…

Bobby Wagner on Unrest 2020-06-02

Bobby Wagner on Unrest 2020-06-02

See Wagner’s entire press conference below…

Bobby Wagner 2020 Offseason Press Conference

Bobby Wagner 2020 Offseason Press Conference

L.J. Collier said he understands the anger and frustration by the black community…

L.J. Collier on Unrest 2020-06-02

L.J. Collier on Unrest 2020-06-02

Duane Brown met with reporters just two days after the death of Floyd and was saddened by the senseless taking of a life…

Duane Brown on Unrest 2020-06-02

Duane Brown on Unrest 2020-06-02

Russell Wilson posted a lengthy response on Twitter yesterday, saying in part…

Russell Wilson statement on Racial Unrest

“We cannot continue to ignore racism as though it has ended, or never happened. The continual violence inflicted upon blacks and people of color must stop. We need change now. We need love. We need compassion. We need grace and forgiveness even in the midst of pain.”

Eastern Washington athletic leaders speak out

Those involved in athletics across Eastern Washington are also speaking out against racism and the death of George Floyd. Washington State Athletic Director Pat Chun…

Paul Chun statement on Racial Unrest

“Fifty years ago, my parents immigrated to the United States from South Korea, filled with promises and ideals of the American Dream. Unbeknownst to them, the hope of the American Dream that brought them to a new land was filled with historical systemic inequities, injustices and gross social disparities. Unfortunately for our country, there are countless examples of oppression that still exist today, specifically against our African-American communities, and this is unacceptable.”

Gonzaga basketball coach Mark Few…

Mark Few comment on Racial Unrest

“Growing up the son of a minister, and in a Christian family, I was taught and modeled that every person on this earth is equal and should be treated the same no matter their race, color of skin, gender or socioeconomic status. Actions are more important than words. Myself and our program will continue to be an active part of enacting change locally, regionally and nationally.”

Washington State basketball player Isaac Bonton…

Isaac Bonton comment on Racial Unrest

“As long as we can BREATHE, we should not be SILENT. And that goes for everybody!”

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