Saving Rae’Ana

Heroes in our midst


The heroic story of saving a little girl who fell through the ice of a Rock Island pond is being told on the NCWLIFE Channel this Thursday. 

“Saving Rae’Ana” is a 1-hour special chronicling the terrifying story of 6-year old Rae’Ana Rosenberg, who accidentally fell through the ice and drown.  Viewers can watch never-before-seen footage of video of the event as it unfolded February 21st.  Rae’Ana was in the water for 20-minutes before being rescued and resuscitated.

See the dramatic footage of her rescue and hear from the rescuers as they pulled off the “one in a million” save.  Find out how crews braved the icy water to pull out her limp body.  Learn how ambulance crews and emergency room personnel were able to warm Rae’Ana and bring her back to life.  And see how Rae-Ana is 5-months later as a happy, healthy 7-year old.

NCWLIFE did not want to air the footage of her rescue until the outcome was clear.  Now that we have it, as well as the story behind the save, we’re proud to present “Saving Rae’Ana”

Saving Rae'Ana  - 911 Promo



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