Saddle Rock has officially been named Saddle Rock


Just in time for that ongoing mining waste cleanup, Saddle Rock has officially become Saddle Rock.

The state’s Board of Natural Resources on Tuesday formally designated the distinctive dual rock outcroppings under the Saddle Rock name.

The hilltop on which they rest became Saddle Gap.

On some older maps, the hill was known as “Squaw Saddle,” derived from an outdated and derogatory term for Native American women.

The Saddle Rock and Saddle Gap names are now official, as far as the state is concerned.

The U.S. Geological Survey still must make the correction on all federal mapping systems, from which Google Maps and other guide services harvest data.

Meanwhile, crews have been busy since the middle of last month cleaning up mining waste on Saddle Rock.

It is the first phase of the cleanup and will continue through November.

Elevated arsenic levels were detected in the area, which was a mining site years ago.