Rock band seeks to head off alleged stalker’s efforts


WENATCHEE — Members of a major Christian rock band say they’ve been stalked and threatened by a Wenatchee woman, and they’ve gone to court to get her to stop.

Skillet is a four-member Christian rock band based in Memphis, with a huge fanbase and 24 years of touring under their belt. They also say they’ve been threatened by a Wenatchee woman, and on Tuesday their lawyer won a temporary restraining order to keep her away from the individual bandmembers and their upcoming concerts.

Skillet’s attorney Eric Lindell of Redmond didn’t return messages seeking comment, but the documents he’s filed in Chelan County District Court say over the last two years, the 28-year-old woman has expressed desires to commit a mass shooting at a Skillet concert.

She allegedly followed the band to concerts and public appearances around the country, and last March delivered a disturbing note in person to a member of the band’s crew. A police report says that same month, she sneaked into a Skillet concert in Saginaw, Michigan, after her ticket was revoked over security concerns.

NCWLIFE has chosen not to name the woman, who has said she lives with mental illness. She has not been charged criminally.

The temporary restraining order signed by Judge Kyle Mott forbids her from approaching any venue where Skillet is performing, recording, rehearsing or appearing, until a court hearing next week. The band wants to extend that prohibition for more than a year.