Road rage incident causes motorcycle to crash near Wenatchee


A black Chevrolet pickup and two motorcycles caused delays near Lower Sunnyslope Road eastbound on US 2 Sunday evening in what appears to be a road rage incident.

Witnesses say the vehicles were going back and forth before the pickup pulled up alongside the motorcycles drifting into them.

The reports then describe the motorcycles as drifting into each other, knocking one of the drivers from their bike.

The pickup truck then fled the scene before the bikers were taken to Central Washington Hospital to treat minor injuries.

Subsequently neither driver can remember seeing the pickup come alongside their direction despite witness reports.

Trooper John Anderson says conflicting reports of the incident make it hard for charges to be filed if the driver is located.

“Initially we investigated it as a hit and run, however with the conflicting reports it looks like that is not going to be the most likely end result if the other party is located,” Anderson said.

The pickup truck was described as a 1988-1998 black Chevy Silverado diesel driven by a male a with a blue or gray stripe in the back window with no license plate.