Rep. Schrier steers a sedate weekend townhall in East Wenatchee

U.S. Rep Kim Schrier (D-8th District) at an East Wenatchee City Hall constituent meeting on Saturday.

EAST WENATCHEE — Eighth District U.S. Rep. Kim Schrier held an easygoing town hall Saturday in East Wenatchee, with some back and forth on crucial issues of the day, like gun violence, homelessness, Columbia River dams, and mental and physical healthcare.

The freshman Democrat, less than halfway through her first term, has already held 18 such community meetings throughout the district, which stretches from Auburn and Issaquah to Ellensburg and the Wenatchee Valley.

About 35 people took a seat Saturday for Schrier’s town meeting at East Wenatchee City Hall. On the question of healthcare — which helped Schrier and other Democrats take back a majority in the House in 2018 — the congresswoman and Sammamish pediatrician said she doesn’t think there’ll be a revolutionary change in Congress this session on how American medicine is paid for.

“Bigger picture, when you’re looking at general elections, is one party that wants to expand healthcare, make it more affordable and accessible, and another party who does not want to negotiate drug prices, and is okay with an age tax and not covering preexisting conditions,” she said. “… My personal opinion: I don’t think Congress is ready to jump into a Medicare For All, no-private-insurance place right now.”

One of the biggest questions went un-asked: About the potential impeachment of President Donald Trump. Schrier gave her answer in a public statement last July, supporting an impeachment inquiry. “The American people deserve to know what transpired,” she said, “and to what extent our president is acting against the best interests of our nation.”