Rep. Kretz criticizes state agency on response to Grey Wolf attack in Ferry County

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File Photo - Wolf Pack

Washington State Fish and Wildlife is being criticized for not immediately responding to a Grey wolf attack in Ferry County. State Representative Joel Kretz says the incident involves two recent livestock deaths.

He says the first carcass was discovered earlier in the week by a range rider who in turn reported it to the State wolf program officials. Kretz says the rider was instructed to cover the carcass with a tarp until officers responded the next morning.

Rep. Joel Kretz

“[The range rider] was told that they couldn’t make it out there that night, and to just throw a tarp over the calf’s body and leave it and they would be up in the morning,” Kretz said. “The problem with that is this is, by law, supposed to be treated as a crime scene and the evidence needs to be preserved. The first bear that comes through there could have ate the whole thing that night and destroyed all the evidence and there we sit with no confirmed depredation.”

Kretz said he feels the state agency is falling short on the issue.

“I’m just upset that once again the department is coming up short,” Kretz said. “You would think they would be able to provide somebody within a reasonable distance up there immediately and get the evidence and preserve the evidence while it’s fresh and make a determination.”

Kretz says the calf’s death has since been confirmed as a wolf kill. The remains of a second dead calf were also found in the same vicinity as the first animal. It too has been determined to be a wolf kill. Grey Wolves are a protected species in Washington State with several packs with NorthEastern part of the State with the highest population.