Remote wildfires in the region found new life this week

Forest Service photo The South Fork Creek Fire burns northwest of Leavenworth.

If you’ve seen hints of smoke in the Leavenworth or Chelan areas, it likely is coming from one of two stubborn wildfires.

Hotter and drier conditions combined with low humidity have given new life to remote wildfires in North Central Washington.

The South Fork Creek Fire about 14 miles northwest of Leavenworth in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness grew about 40 acres Wednesday.

It had been smoldering for weeks.

The Forest Service says that fire, which started July 23, has burned about 180 acres in total.

It is “being managed to play its natural role in the environment.”

Which means they’re going to let it burn until fall rains or snow put it out.

Also kicking up this week was the Devore Creek Fire about three miles southwest of Stehekin.

But it has moved up a drainage, away from Stehekin, this week and remains within boundaries established by firefighters.

It too will be allowed to burn until being put out by fall weather, unless it threatens structures.

Overall that fire has burned about 550 acres.

Both fires were started by lightning strikes.

A reconnaissance flight is planned today to assess both fires.