Reindeer bring holiday spirit and learning for Lee Elementary students

Lee Elementary

EAST WENATCHEE- Mischief and Snowflake from Reindeer Farms in Leavenworth made a special appearance for the students at Lee Elementary as part of Christmas Spirit Week on Wednesday.

The Reindeer served as a fun learning experience to wrap up 2017 and a good way to get students in the Christmas spirit. The interactive display allowed the kids to pet the Reindeer and learn about the breed’s heritage.

Students learned the differences between Caribou and Reindeer, which are part of the same 5 subspecies with the names being different around the world. Students were also able to hold Snowflakes horns from last year, each year reindeer both male and female grow new horns.

Reindeer can run up to 50 miles per hour and can swim 1 mile in under 10 minutes. But there is one key separation between Reindeer and Caribou, Reindeer’s can fly.