Real Estate Snapshot

NCWLIFE Evening News April 17, 2019

The latest real estate snapshot for the Wenatchee Valley in March shows the median sales price is up once again compared to last year. According to Pacific Appraisal Associates, median price in the Wenatchee market was at 336,500 dollars, up 7-percent over last year’s 315,000-dollar price in March. However, the average sales price for a home in March stayed the same as it was in 2018 at 350,989-dollars, up only 424 dollars compared to last year.

Total home sales and active listings are down compared to last year. In March of this year, 70 homes were sold, that’s down 16-percent compared to March of last year when 83 homes were sold. There were 91 active home listings last month down 6-percent compared to March of 2018 when there were 97 active listings.

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