Quincy Public Market opening


The Quincy Public Market, located at 1004 F St. SW, has a limited opening though a handful of vendors and businesses have not been fully set up or opened.

Market owner Janet Jones says her and her husband, Larry, built the market as a way to create a nice gathering place in the community where people can hang out.

“The goal was to create a nice space for our local people and for people who are coming through from Crescent Bar and other areas around here,” Jones said.

The market will feature a brewery, wine tasting, produce market, coffee shop, bakery, and restaurant.

The market concept comes from an adopted market-style that has become popular in places such as Los Angeles and Munich.

“I visited quite a few of these markets all around and it has become a very popular concept and one we wanted to use for this,” Jones said.

Jones said they plan to add pop-up shops throughout the market although they have no plans on expansion.

The market is open daily and plans to have all vendors and businesses opened by next week.