Vacation rentals supporters, opponents speak out


Residents from Chelan County met last night for a public hearing about management of short-term rentals.

Citizens both for and against rentals showed up to have their comments heard by the public and commissioners.

The resolution would add amendments to Title 11 zoning laws that would address short-term rentals in the county. It would also amend definitions for more clear short-term rentals rules and regulations.

The Chelan County Planning Commission was asked to review and make a recommendation to the Board of Chelan County Commissioners to approve, deny or approve in part amendments to vacation and short-term rental codes.

Amendments would address rentals in Chelan County along with complaints from residents about neighborhood impacts of short-term rentals. It would also explain how to enforce and set forth the proposed changes in the rental codes.

Many complaints from those in support stated too many guests, lazy owners and lack of actual neighbors urged their support in the resolution.

The main opposition, the Short-Term Rental Alliance of Chelan County, made up about a third of the audience Wednesday evening. Group members gave their public comments about how they should not be punished for taking advantage of a system that has allowed them to make extra income.

In the end a decision was not reached Wednesday night and the discussion will continue at next month’s meeting.