Prom Dress Giveaway this weekend at Mission Village


WENATCHEE – The Junior Service League of Wenatchee is holding their annual Prom Dress Giveaway this Saturday, March 24 from 10am – 4pm in Mission Village.

“We gather dresses all year long from the community, from different donors throughout Wenatchee area,” said Jessie Coen, the committee chairman. “They donate the dresses to us and then we, in turn, hang those dresses and give them away for absolutely free.”

Around 125 dresses were given away last year and JSLW is looking to double or triple that number this year. They have close to 1,000 dresses at their location that they want to give away.

“Students, please bring your ASB card or some kind of proof that you are in school,” said Coen. “We obviously have some exceptions for people who are either in homeschool or maybe don’t have an ASB card, but please bring the student ID with you and just have a fun, positive attitude. Get ready for some serious shopping.”

The My Girlfriend’s Closet location is in Mission Village on the corner of 5th Street and Mission Street by Tastebuds and Jimmy John’s.

JSLW is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.