Prison time for women who stole handgun from Uber driver


WENATCHEE — The second of two California women who stole a handgun from their Wenatchee-based Uber driver earned an 18-month prison sentence Wednesday.

Gricelda Yamilia Barron pleaded guilty in Chelan County Superior Court to firearm theft and possession of methamphetamine. She’d been jailed since the July theft, when she and her partner, Emily Jacklyn Espinoza, 23, lifted a .45-caliber handgun from their driver during an aborted ride from Wenatchee to Los Angeles.

The two women hired the Uber driver in July, agreeing to pay $1,000 for the ride. But when the car reached Oregon, they canceled the trip and turned around, and stole the driver’s pistol along the way. He later noticed it missing, and called Wenatchee police, who found the handgun when they searched the women’s motel room.

Espinoza pleaded guilty in October to firearm theft and got a 21-month sentence. Judge Travis Brandt assigned both women to a Drug offender Sentencing Alternative, allowing them to spend part of their prison terms in substance abuse treatment.