Police: Teens tried to pass off accidental shooting as an attack


WENATCHEE — Wenatchee police say two 15-year-old boys lied about an accidental shooting that left one of them with a flesh wound, initially saying they were shot at while trick or treating on Halloween night.

One of the two boys allegedly shot the other with a handgun about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, in a bedroom in front of several teen witnesses. Police said one 15-year-old was handling a semi-automatic pistol and pulled the slide back. The weapon discharged, and the other teen was struck in the right shoulder.

The injury was not serious, but the two boys left the house in the 600 block of Orondo Avenue and called 911 from the area of Peachey Street and South Highland Drive. Court records show they told responders that they’d been trick or treating in the area when a gunshot rang out and the victim was struck.

After police began investigating, the two youths changed their story and admitted to the accidental shooting. Investigators recovered a bullet fragment from the Orondo Avenue house, but said they could not find the handgun.

Police arrested the boy who handled the gun, seeking charges in juvenile court of assault and unlawful firearm possession. The youth is due to be arraigned Nov. 19.