Police still looking for suspect in Quincy elementary school arson case


A man attempted to set a fire at the Ancient Lakes Elementary School in Quincy early Tuesday morning.

The call came to first responders as a fire alarm a little after 1 a.m. for a fire that had been started in the teachers’ lounge of the school.

Fire and law enforcement along with an on-call custodian located the fire inside the lounge once arriving on the scene.

A pile of ashes along with a small growing fire were located in the lounge on top of a stove before fire enforcement put it out.

The suspect has not been located despite being caught on video by school security cameras.

Quincy Chief of Police Kieth Siebert told NCWLIFE the charges that may be filed if the suspect is eventually located.

“As far as charges, you are looking at arson or attempted arson and burglary in the first degree,” Siebert said.