Police search East Wenatchee home under drug warrant

Wenatchee River Drug Task Force officers detain a suspect outside an East Wenatchee home on Wednesday.

EAST WENATCHEE — An East Wenatchee home was the subject of a drug task force search Wednesday morning, involving multiple agencies and yielding at least two arrests.

The Columbia River Drug Task Force descended on the house in the 300 block of Eastmont Avenue about 10 a.m. East Wenatchee Police Sgt. James Marshall says it’s been the site of multiple citizen complaints and police calls in recent months.

“The result of the search warrant is from an ongoing investigation over the past couple of months,” Marshall says. “This is kind of a known trouble spot for East Wenatchee.”

About eight officers from Wenatchee Valley departments initially served the warrant, but more arrived as police found eight to nine people inside the residence. They arrested two people on unrelated warrants; Marshall said the investigation is continuing.