Phase II underway for 9/11 Memorial in Cashmere


Cashmere’s 9/11 Spirt of America Memorial Foundation began Phase II of their plan to expand their memorial in recent weeks.

The current memorial has a collection of 9/11 memorabilia dedicated to those who lost their lives 18 years ago in the attack.

The plan is for two scale replica twin towers to be added along with a smaller monument shaped like the Pentagon and the state of Pennsylvania.

Board President of the 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial Foundation Tom Green says that the memorial is a way for people to commemorate the memory of 9/11 and those involved.

“I’ve seen tears, flowers and letters written here and I think people are just moved by seeing this and there’s so much more we can do,” Green said.

Green added that after winning a bid for the right to the memorial and statues in 2014, the city promised to continue adding on to the memorial.

“After we won it in June of 2014, we promised that after we built it we wanted to do another interpretive phase of this memorial and that led us to Phase II where we are today,” explained Green.

Since winning the bid over cities such as Wenatchee and Chelan, Cashmere has hosted an annual ceremony on 9/11 for the past five years.

Cashmere Chamber of Commerce Manager Gina Imperato says the memorial has benefited the small town and its citizens.

“This was a great way for people to come out and not just make the visit to Cashmere but also see the great addition we have with the memorial here,” Imperato said.

Though construction is just underway, the hope is for the new features to be finished before the September ceremony.