Owner tells Wenatchee police he is the one who shot the dog found June 5


A dog found with three bullet wounds and barely alive near Beehive Reservoir was shot by his owner.

The dog was shot in an attempt to euthanize it, the man told police. No charges have yet been filed.

The unidentified man said Louie had become vicious and attacked multiple family members in recent months, said Captain Edgar Reinfeld of the Wenatchee Police Department.

The pit bull-terrier mix was found June 5 off Mission Ridge Road.

The owner came forward the next day, and because he is an employee of Chelan County the case was turned over to Wenatchee police, Reinfeld said.

Typically, the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office would investigate since the dog was found outside city limits. Though the owner works for the county, he is not employed by the sheriff’s office, Reinfeld said.

The matter will now go to an outside prosecutor for review.

Louie, now called Cane, underwent surgery to remove two bullets from his head last week and another surgery this week to remove a bullet from his shoulder.