Online threats against sheriffs who won’t enforce gun law under investigation


A man claiming to be from Omak is under investigation for posting online death threats against county sheriffs who say they won’t enforce Washington’s new gun laws.

According to KXLY TV in Spokane, after receiving a complaint, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office investigated and found posts by a man calling himself Jayden Ledford saying “sheriffs that are non compliant will be shot. by me.” And “(Spokane County Sheriff) Ozzie Knezovich is gonna get a bullet in his head.”

Detectives are investigating the threats and sharing information with other law enforcement agencies.

Ledford, on a NCWLIFE story posted on Facebook Monday about Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones not enforcing I-1639, said “his head is mine.” Other people asked if he was threatening Rogers but he did not reply.

Those posts have since been hidden by an NCWLIFE Facebook administrator.

Jayden Ledford’s personal Facebook page is filled with dozens of daily far-left and often confusing posts, including one Monday that seems to take aim at the founders of Twitter and Facebook.

“pig owns twitter

zucc is also extremely racist

you have to be, to be wealthy”

Jones became the latest county sheriff to say because of constitutional issues with I-1639, he will instruct his deputies not to enforce the gun laws passed in November by voters.

The measure requires background checks for the purchase of semi-automatic rifles; raises the age purchasing such a gun from 18 to 21; and mandates how guns must be stored in homes.