Oldest cherry tree in Chelan County rooted in Wenatchee


WENATCHEE- It’s billed as the oldest cherry tree in Chelan County and its located in Wenatchee and Dan Kuntz discovered its still producing quality Bing cherries.

Lonnie England, Wenatchee resident, is the owner of the tree, declared oldest cherry tree in the county by the Master Gardeners.

“The circumference of the trunk is nine feet and three inches, we just measured,” England said. “The canopy is 42 feet.”

England and his wife bought the house with the historic tree from their best friends.

“It’s actually in our deed relating to the tree, since it was documented years ago, the tree has to naturally die,” England said. “The health of the tree is very good actually, we have a spray company that comes out and he says it’s one of the healthiest trees in the county.”

The cherry harvest this season is producing slightly smaller cherries than usual, England said.

“When others are not producing cherries, this one always does,” England said. “This year’s crop is a little small. I thought it was because of my heavy pruning two years ago so I gave it a break, but it’s producing the cherries that are a little small.”

England’s house was built in 1902 and was owned by the Levitt family, who owned the orchard property down to Lincoln Park.

“As their family grew they built this house, took out a few trees but left this tree as their memory,” England said. “We want this tree to stay alive, it provides wonderful shade for the backyard and we love the fruit off of it.”