Officials still working to ID body found in Okanogan River


Officials are still working to identify the body found in the Okanogan River last week. Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said the body is difficult to identify because it has been in water for several months but they believe it could be Marco Antonio Aguilar-Cendejas, who went missing on Dec. 14.

“We can tell the body has been in the river for quite a while, and we have no positive identification,” Rogers said. “Right now there is no foul play, we can’t really tell how he died.”

Rogers said the body appears to fit the description of Aguilar-Cendejas

“From what the coroner told me, it looks like he drowned, as best they can tell,” Rogers said.

Sheriff Rogers said the Coroner’s office will try fingerprinting, and then DNA, which could take several months.