Officials release timeline of events in officer-involved shooting

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WENATCHEE- Officials with the North Central Washington Special Investigation Unit released a timeline of events during the July 27 officer-involved shooting. 

The investigation is pending a small amount of documentation and lab results to
include toxicology and autopsy reports. Once the investigation is complete it will be
turned over to the Chelan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

The following is the timeline issued in a press release on September 5:

As of September 5, 2017 the North Central Washington Special Investigation
Unit has announced that it has nearly completed its investigation of the July 27, 2017
Officer Involved shooting at Albertson’s. The following is a timeline of events during the
incident on July 27:

On July 27, 2017 at 22:05:47 hours, a reporting party called 911 to report that
there was, “a guy screaming and yelling walking around with a knife” in the parking lot
of the Albertson’s grocery store at 1128 N. Miller Street in Wenatchee. The reporting
party was a truck driver who was making a delivery to the nearby Starbucks store.

At 22:06:43 hours, Wenatchee Police Officer Albert Gonzalez and other
Wenatchee Police Officers responded toward Albertson’s.

At 22:08:29 hours, Officer Gonzalez entered the Albertson’s parking lot. He was
the first officer on scene. As Officer Gonzalez drove west through the Albertson’s
parking lot, his in-car camera captured the suspect walking in front of the patrol car
toward the west Albertson’s entrance.

At 22:08:39 hours Officer Gonzalez parked his patrol car near the Albertson’s
west entrance. The suspect had already reached the Albertson’s west entry doors and
was approximately twenty feet from Officer Gonzalez’s driver’s side door. Officer
Gonzalez was driving a fully marked patrol car with his emergency lights activated, and
he was wearing a Wenatchee Police Department uniform. As Officer Gonzalez got out
of his patrol car, surveillance video and eyewitness statements showed that the suspect
moved aggressively toward him.

At 22:08:42 hours, Officer Gonzalez loudly and clearly gave the commands, “Get
on the ground, get on the ground, get on the ground!” in rapid succession. Immediately
following these commands, Officer Gonzalez fired three shots from his 9mm pistol. The
suspect fell to the ground in close proximity to the open driver’s side patrol car door.
Several Wenatchee Police Officers arrived to assist Officer Gonzalez after the shots
were fired. Shortly after their arrival first aid was administered. A tactical folding knife
with a 3-inch blade was found on the ground next to Folden’s upper body. The suspect
was identified as 31 year-old Matthew L. Folden of Wenatchee.

Folden was transported by ambulance to Central Washington Hospital, where he
was pronounced dead at 2320 hours. Preliminary examination showed that he had
gunshot wounds to the lower right abdomen, the lower right chest, and the right
shoulder. During autopsy, three bullets were recovered from Folden’s body.

Officer Gonzalez provided a detailed statement to investigators. It stated upon
contact with Folden, Officer Gonzalez observed a knife in Folden’s right hand. Folden
was holding the knife close to the center of his chest. Folden immediately aggressed
toward Officer Gonzalez and extended the knife with his right arm toward Officer
Gonzalez. Officer Gonzalez said Folden was not responsive to any commands. After
firing three shots at Folden, Folden fell to the ground. Folden was still in possession of
the knife, but dropped it after Officer Gonzalez gave him the command to “drop the
knife”. Folden complied and released the knife. Four independent eyewitnesses and
video from Albertson’s corroborated Officer Gonzalez’s statement that Folden was the