Not saying it was Big Foot… but it was Big Foot


A mile-long trail of over-sized footprints were discovered in the Sunnyslope area this week. Is it another Big Foot sighting for the Wenatchee Valley?

Paul Graves was among a group of men who tracked the footprints after they were found by a Rock Island man near a new housing development near Easy Street.

“The stride on this thing was amazing, and it didn’t even leave a drag mark,” Graves said. “It walked through this orchard and crossed this road, and there was one spot where there was just a little bit of dirt. Sure enough, he put his foot right there and the toes dug right into the dirt.”

Back in January of 2013 Graves examined similar footprints found in an orchard off Western Avenue in Wenatchee. Graves has been researching Sasquatch for over a decade, with work featured in National magazines and TV.