New Kennel Club facility opening in East Wenatchee


The Wenatchee Kennel Club will open its new facility early in July.

The facility, built in less than a year, is located on 200 First St. SE in East Wenatchee and will be the new, improved home for 150 club members and their furry friends.

Last year, the club began the move to its new location after making the realization that space was becoming an increasing issue, especially with a growing membership.

Club Director Chuck St. John said that space and size were the key reason for the move into the club’s new location.

“Our old building was up for sale and we could have purchased it, however it wasn’t big enough and the building itself didn’t allow us to expand and keep up with our membership size,” St. John said.  

St. John said that the new facility will have enough space to hold more classes and activities for members.

“In the new facility we’ll be able to do two classes at once, hopefully get twice as many people involved, and have an outdoor area available which helps gain a much better training experience,” St. John said.

Since the 1960’s, the Kennel Club has worked to promote responsible pet ownership. St. John said helping engage owners and dogs in different trainings activates and creates a strong bond while also benefiting them with valuable skills.

“We want to have a place where our club members can practice and be competitive while also being able to offer classes to the general public so they can have a better behaved dog,” St. John said.

St. John said the club’s goal however is to support and become involved more in the community and help connect those with dogs to other community members.

“What we are after isn’t getting money from memberships, we want to help connect the community and better help people be suited for taking care of their dogs,” St. John said.

Those looking to learn more about the club or wish to sign up can visit for more information.

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