New Facebook group for Wenatchee rants and raves


A new Facebook page has been created for Wenatchee residents to voice their rants or raves from the valley.

The Wenatchee Valley Rants and Raves page formed after many people voiced their personal frustrations on the Wenatchee Valley Crimes and Events page about a multitude of topics such as roundabouts and housing expenses.

The group already has over 1,000 members and 70 posts from community members in just two days.

Administrator of both Facebook pages Nathan Medeiros told NCWLIFE how the page has been successful in just a short time.

“Surprisingly it’s been a pretty good thing, people have not just said the worst or most disgusting things. People are actually talking about issues and problems in the valley and discussing them,” Medeiros said.

Thus far, rants have far outweighed raves, with drivers and driving being the most popular topics.

There have also been more obscure topics, like unhappiness with customers who shuck the corn at the grocery store.

And sometimes, just posting an image can get a vigorous discussion going.

Medeiros is also running for a director position with the Eastmont School Board.