New Douglas County Law and Justice Center to be completed soon

New Law & Justice Center

Construction of the new Douglas County Law and Justice Facility will be complete by this fall.

The new facility, located north of the new Evidence Storage Building, will be adjacent to the Public Services Building on 19th Street in East Wenatchee.

The upgraded facility will serve as a collaborative and effective campus for the public and employees of Douglas County.

County Administrator James Barker tells NCWLife that the new facility will be home to many existing departments along with new ones.

“The new facility will have district court, offices for prosecuting attorneys, superior court, the adult juvenile probation center, sheriff’s operation office, and the newly elected coroner,” Barker explained.

The new center will replace the existing one on 2nd Street in Wenatchee that was in need of repairs of over one-million dollars.

The facility is set to be financed through existing revenue streams with half of the eight million dollar project being paid for in cash.

The rest of the money will come from a 25-year bond taken out by the county.

The facility on 2nd Street is set to be sold following completion of the new center this summer. Proceeds from the sale will go towards bonds for an early call to save on internet costs.

The building will open to the public in early November.