New Douglas County Fairground manager named

Douglas County fair

Douglas County has a new fairgrounds manager. Former Chelan Chamber of Commerce manager, Loni Rahm has been selected from over a dozen applicants to fill the position vacated last year by Eric Granstrom.

Douglas County Commissioner Kyle Steinberg says Rahm was hired to take the fairgrounds in new direction.

“We felt like she’s going to bring something new to the fair and maybe look to broaden it’s horizons and offer more opportunity not just for the fair itself but for the fair grounds,” Steinberg said, adding that the goal is to implement more money-making opportunities and market the grounds for more events.

“We’ve made a number of changes out there to get the manager to be more of a manager,” said Douglas County Commissioner Steve Jenkins. “We’ve hired a full-time employee that will work half time out there as maintenance through summer months and they will work for the county for the rest of the year so that the fair manager can actually do some administrating for the fair instead of maintenance.”

Rahm was scheduled to start work in June.