New docuseries probes Wenatchee ‘sex ring’ hysteria of the 1990s

Still from " in The Valley of Sin" on FOX Nation.

WENATCHEE — A new documentary series from a Fox News streaming service will explore Wenatchee’s infamous child sex ring scandal, in which dozens of adults were falsely accused and at times convicted of being part of a fictitious conspiracy to sexually abuse young victims.

Fox Nation will air “In the Valley Of Sin” in five episodes, starting Sunday. New episodes of the documentary will stream on Fox Nation daily through May 14th.

Between 1994 and 1995, Wenatchee Valley authorities arrested and prosecuted 42 Wenatchee Valley residents, on thousands of counts of child sexual abuse and exploitation. Investigators said the crimes were committed by an organized child-abuse ring, operating in local homes and churches. In each case, the charges were found to be based on flawed or false evidence.

Twenty-eight Wenatchee Valley residents were convicted or pleaded guilty, but almost all cases were overturned on appeal or reduced to minimal charges after evidence emerged that suspects, children and other defendants were coercively questioned by Wenatchee Police Detective Bob Perez, and bullied into signing statements the detective typed for them.

Multiple lawsuits against city and county governments in the valley led to major financial settlements for falsely accused defendants.