NCWLIFE Weather Forecast

Wenatchee Weather Forecast

There will be unstable conditions to the east and west of us, but the Wenatchee valley is in the banana belt for weather.

Sandwiched between two high pressure systems, the weather for the Wenatchee Valley is going to be sunny and warm for the rest of the week and into the weekend. There may be a slight chance of thundershower activity tomorrow.

Expect sunny skies and 88 today.
Partly Cloudy and 60 tonight.
Thursday will include a slight chance of showers and thundershowers with a high of 88.
It will be Sunny and 90 Friday and Saturday. Mostly sunny and 85 on Sunday.

The region will see a possibility of thundershower activity and possibly hail in areas along the Eastern Washington border and Idaho Panhandle.

The haze seen in the air is wafting our way from forest fires burning in Alberta. Forecasters are saying it may be a harbinger of things to come and to prepare for a long fire season.