NCWLIFE Sports TV Schedule

For The Week Of February 13-19, 2017

NCWLIFE Sports TV Schedule Feb 13-18

(Wenatchee, WA)…Be sure to tune in this week for playback of high school basketball and Wenatchee Wild hockey.  We’ll also be out covering the basketball playoffs, so be sure to tune in for the NCWLIFE Channel Sports Update daily at 4:00 p.m. and during Wake Up Wenatchee Valley with Dan Kuntz morning’s at 7:00 a.m.  Then Sunday, be sure to tune in for our Wenatchee Wild Marathon with 6 games beginning at 10:00 a.m.!

Sports on NCWLIFE Channel TV this week:

Tuesday, February 14
Moses Lake at Wenatchee Boys Basketball (from 2/7), 8pm

Thursday, February 16
“Hockey Night” with Call of the Wild at 8pm & Surrey vs. Wenatchee (from 2/4) at 8:30pm

Friday, February 17
Moses Lake at Eastmont Girls & Boys Basketball (from 1/28), 7pm

Saturday, February 18
Moses Lake at Wenatchee Girls Basketball (from 1/28), 10am
Eastmont at Wenatchee Unified Basketball (from 1/25), 12pm

Sunday, February 19
Cowichan Valley at Wenatchee Wild (from 1/14), 10am
Coquitlam at Wenatchee Wild (from 1/16), 12pm
Prince George at Wenatchee Wild (from 1/20), 2pm
Prince George at Wenatchee Wild (from 1/21), 5pm
Surrey at Wenatchee Wild (from 2/3), 7pm
Surrey at Wenatchee Wild (from 2/4), 9pm