NCWLIFE Exclusive | East Wenatchee mother fights to restore state caregiver contract (Part 2)


An East Wenatchee woman continues her battle with the State to restore her contract to care for her two disabled adult daughters.

The contract was terminated in July after Department of Social and Health Services alleged Cindy Flowers  neglected to seek medical care for her daughters bed sores that ultimately resulted in Heather’s being hospitalized.

“After Heather was discharged I had been contacted by the State’s nurse through DDS and Home Community Services and told her what was going on with Heather,” Flowers said. “As we talked I told her I would call the case manager and tell her what is going on with Heather.”

Flowers said the case manager contacted her, and told her she was going to turn her into Adult Protective Services.

Healthcare providers showed support for an appeal

In her appeal Flowers provided letters of support from several physicians who treated Heather, all of them stating that no neglect occurred.

Heather’s primary care physician, Dr. Jason Shattuck of Wenatchee Family Medicine wrote:

“My general sense from Cindy is very similar to others in this community and that is that she would not do anything to jeopardize her daughter’s health, that she cares for Heather very well, and that her care in this particular situation ultimately did not result in any negligence.”

Other healthcare providers who wrote letters in support of Cindy Flowers included Dr. Stuart Freed, Dr. Edward Farrar and Dr. Brent Barber.

The allegations were ultimately ruled unsubstantiated but Cindy’s caregiver contract remains suspended pending a new application.

NCWLIFE News has reached out to DSHS and Aging and Adult Care of Central Washington for comment but we have not received a response as of this report.

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