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Good evening and welcome to NCWLIFE News. I’m Grant Olson. Before we get to today’s top stories, let’s take a quick look outside our weather window:

And now, a few of the stories we’re following for you tonight — a Tonasket man leads Douglas County Deputies on a high-speed chase, we’ll have an update on the Lake Chelan Water Rights issue and the State Attorney General files a multi-state lawsuit to halt Trump’s action on DACA. Later on, we’ll have sports, your weather forecast and our feature story today. But first:

Bernard Swaim is a free man after a jury found him not guilty in the 1982 murder of Stephen Smith of Cashmere. The week-long trial ended Wednesday in Chelan County Superior Court with the jury returning its verdict about three hours after hearing closing arguments. NCWLIFE’S Eric Granstrom was in the courtroom and filed this report . . .

Swaim and his former wife, Dawn Marie Soles were allegedly co-conspirators in the murder of Smith at his Cashmere home in 1982. Smith’s body was never found. Soles testified against her former husband as the prosecution’s star witness. Soles, had also been married to Smith and had a daughter that became the subject of a child custody dispute. Prosecutors alleged Swaim killed Smith during a visit with Soles to Smith’s Cashmere area home. The case went cold for 35 years until investigator’s reopened it based partly on statements by Sole naming Swaim as the killer. The Defense cast doubt on Soles testimony and called to the stand witnesses, including a third former husband, who called Soles untrustworthy. Swaim’s attorney, Nick Yedinak cited that in his closing argument . . .

Soles also stands accused of First Degree Murder. The status of her trial is pending.

Douglas County Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal says a Tonasket man faces DUI charges after leading Deputies on a high-speed chase ending with the man crashing his car in the boat launch area at Lincoln Rock State Park.

The Sheriff says it started just after midnight on Highway Two when a Deputy stopped 35 year old Michael Kalmakoff for speeding. The Sheriff says the driver struggled with the Deputy and drove away with the deputy in pursuit. Gjesdal says the suspect vehicle turned into Lincoln Rock State park traveling 50 MPH in a 15 MPH zone.  It continued to the boat launch area and collided with the dock hand rail.  The vehicle went airborne and landed in about two feet of water.  At first the driver tried to swim away, but the Deputy convinced him to return to shore where he was cuffed. No injuries were reported.

On Tuesday, the Chelan County PUD Commissioners approved Lake Chelan water rights agreements with the Washington State Department of Ecology for future water permits.

The agreements mean Ecology and Chelan County can begin accessing and processing permit applications for use of water from the Lake Chelan Basin. The Department of Ecology will allocate the water and the county will issue permits for water use. Water use includes irrigation, development and use by industries or other purposes.


The agreement also continues to allow the Chelan PUD to hold the reservoir right to store water behind the Chelan dam and use the entire flow of the Chelan River for hydropower generation, except for 65-thousand acre-feet of water per year for irrigation uses in the Lake Chelan water basin. As of 2017, there are now more than 150 applications on file for new surface or groundwater permits in the Lake Chelan water basin. In the agreement, the PUD must adhere to its federal license requirements for Lake Chelan Dam which includes keeping the lake at specific levels and providing downstream flows for fish. eported


Its opening day at the Chelan County Fair with senior citizens getting in for free. The four-day agricultural Expo features all the traditional crowd favorites including Saturday’s Junior Livestock Auction. Dan Kuntz hosted Wake Up Wenatchee Valley live this morning from the County fairgrounds in Cashmere.  He caught up with Fair Board President Marty Cochran who described some the major improvements that have been made over the past few years . . .

The fair runs through Sunday. Friday is a free day for Chelan County Schools.

Coming up, the State Attorney General files a multi-state lawsuit to halt Trump’s action on DACA. I’m Grant Olson and you’re watching NCWLIFE News.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a multi-state lawsuit seeking to halt President Donald Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The Trump administration announced on Tuesday that it would end the DACA program in six months, exposing Dreamers to deportation. Ferguson claims it also directly injures colleges and universities, employers and state economies by removing the protections that allowed Dreamers to study and work legally without fear of deportation.

Ferguson was joined at Wednesday’s news conference by Governor Jay Inslee who did not mince words in calling out the President for his actions . . .

President Barack Obama created the DACA program to allow Dreamers — who were brought to the country as children — to remain in the country as long as they meet certain criteria. Those criteria include that they don’t have a criminal record or otherwise pose a threat to public safety.

Dreamers Rights are Protected by the Wenatchee School District. Superintendent, Brian Flones has issued a statement outlining the District’s position on the Federal DACA program.

Flones, says all students, regardless of immigration status have a legal right to free public school education. In his prepared statement Flones says,  “Regardless of any actions taken by the Trump Administration to end the protections against immigrant students under the DACA program, our schools will be a safe place for all students to learn and thrive in a setting that does not tolerate any form of discrimination, intimidation, bullying or harassment.”

Flones says the District encourages any student or family to seek information and support from your school principal, counselor, or contact the school district office. Flones was joined by members of school board in drafting the position statement.

Many immigrants who choose to obtain U.S. citizenship know it is a meticulous process that consists of classes, studying and tests. Norma Gallegos, Coordinator of Hand to Hand Immigration Services in Wenatchee, says gaining citizenship is a three-step process. . .

You’re watching NCWLIFE news. Coming up next, your sports update followed by today’s feature story. That and much more still to come on NCWLIFE News, stay with us.

It’ll be all smiles at the Pybus Public Market tonight as the NCW Hispanic Chamber and the NCW Hispanic Empowerment Fund partner up to award scholarships to deserving Hispanic high school graduates. The event is an awards banquet recognizing the support and contributions from local business leaders and organizations from around North Central Washington while supporting the regions Hispanic graduates with funds for their future. NCWLIFE’s Steve Hair spoke this morning with organizer, Jessi Mendoza . . .

We’ll be back in just a moment with a recap of some of today’s stories and your complete local weather forecast right after this.

And now, your weather forecast for North Central Washington.

Beginning tonight, the ridge of high pressure that’s been in place over the Western U.S. will shift slowly eastward, from eastern Washington through north Idaho over the next 12 hours. This will allow the consolidated moisture band over western Washington to press east over the Cascades and into Eastern Washington. Overnight tonight a fairly deep moisture band advances east of the Cascades and interacts with the mid-level instability. This coupled with the arrival of a weakening cold front up the coast overnight and it looks favorable for some night-time light shower activity. Friday through Saturday…A pattern change will occur with plenty of clouds and the potential for at least scattered sprinkles and a small chance of early morning thunderstorms across much of the forecast area.  Sunday through Wednesday…Models are in decent agreement for most of this period in depicting a progressive, dry and normal weather pattern with slightly warmer temperatures than normal.

As we leave you tonight, enjoy this video of the first two days of life for a baby alpaca. . .

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