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Good evening and welcome to the NCWLIFE Evening News. I’m Grant Olson. Before we get to today’s top news stories, let’s take a quick look outside our weather window:

And now, a few of the stories we’re following for you tonight An evicted cannabis farm in Monitor loses its appeal in a lawsuit against the landlord. The city of Twisp has received a 900,000 dollar grant for its sewer infrastructure, and, Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue is mourning the loss of one of its former fire chief’s.   

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Prosecutors on Monday filed criminal charges against David Saugen, the 45-year-old director of Tall Timber Ranch church camp.

Saugen is accused of first-degree voyeurism, for allegedly spying on a teen who was showering in his home, and fourth-degree domestic violence, after a family member says Saugen shoved and injured her when she confronted him.

Saugen has been relieved of duties at the Christian camp, which points out the charges aren’t related to his work there. He’s been held in Chelan County jail since his arrest Wednesday, and faces arraignment next week.

A former cannabis farm that once operated in Monitor has lost a lawsuit against its landlord.

Poorman Enterprises rented the interior and rooftop of a former fruit warehouse, but when Chelan County changed its rules on marijuana farming, the business became ineligible to operate.

The building owner evicted the operation in 2016, and a Chelan County judge said the eviction was justified, because Poorman failed to get the necessary permits for its business.

The state Court of Appeals today upheld that finding. Poorman ceased business in 2018. . .one of several local cannabis operations to expire since they became legal in 2012.

Rural towns are getting a state windfall to help with infrastructure projects, including Twisp and Soap Lake. Community Development Block Grants funneled through the state Department of Commerce will pay $897,000 toward a Soap Lake water system improvement, and $900,000 for sewer work in Twisp. The grants are part of a $10.8 million package of federal money earmarked for rural communities. Other funded projects are in Mattawa, Riverside, Royal City and Wilbur.

As we go to break, Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue is mourning the loss of one of its own with the passing of William “Bill” Mitchell on Monday.

Mitchell was the former Ponderosa Fire Chief as well as a retired Navy captain. After his retirement, he and his wife remained steadfast supporters of the fire district. No details have yet been announced on services for Mitchell.

Coming up next, Douglas County commissioners say Will Carpenter deserves a pat on the back, we will tell you why. Some celebrity names have stepped up to contribute to North Central Washington’s efforts to battle wildfire and recover from it, and, Chelan County Public Works is sending out its thanks to the people who have been keeping a stretch of county road near Plain litter-free for almost 20 years. I’m Grant Olson and you’re watching the NCWLIFE Evening News.

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Douglas County commissioners say Will Carpenter deserves a pat on the back. The commissioners yesterday issued a formal proclamation thanking Carpenter, director of the Chelan-Douglas Horticultural Pest and Disease Board, for tracking down maggot-infested apples brought to the county by Gov. Jay Inslee. Inslee bestowed the apples as gifts to fire victims in the Bridgeport area, violating the state’s own apple maggot quarantine rules.

He later apologized and made contributions to local food banks instead. Carpenter managed to round up all the errant fruit, before its infestation could spread to Douglas County orchards.

Some celebrity names have stepped up to contribute to North Central Washington’s efforts to battle wildfire and recover from it.

The Gary Sinise Foundation, created by the popular actor to aid veterans and first responders, last week donated more than 550 care packages for volunteer firefighters throughout Okanogan County.

The foundation and American Airlines partnered in the gift, which will be distributed by Douglas-Okanogan Fire District 15 in Brewster.

Next, Metallica gave big through their charitable foundation, All Within My Hands, offering a $25,000 fire relief grant to the Community Foundation of NCW here in Wenatchee.

That will go toward the NCW Fire Relief Fund, operated by the local foundation for about the last five years.

Chelan County Public Works is sending out its thanks to the people who have been keeping a stretch of county road near Plain litter-free for almost 20 years.

The Collins Family and Friends adopted a two-mile stretch of Beaver Valley Road back in 2001. Kim Collins, on the right, and Rhonda Beth Lawrence recently posed for a photo just like they did back in 2001.

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The Wenatchee School District is set to begin getting students back in classrooms soon, and free self-administered COVID-19 testing this week in Wenatchee will play a key role in that.

The communitywide testing started today and continues through Friday at Wenatchee High School. Cascade School District in Leavenworth was granted permission this week to resume some classroom instruction for younger students based on similar community testing. In tonight’s feature story, Wenatchee Superintendent Paul Gordon told Wake Up Wenatchee Valley’s Dan Kuntz today his district is hoping to follow suit. The full interview with Doctor Gordon will air on Wednesday’s Wake Up Wenatchee Valley. . .

And that is a look at your local weather forecast, coming up next, tonight’s sports report with Eric Granstrom and more as the NCWLIFE Evening News continues right after this.

A cloud of uncertainty greets a new season for the Wenatchee Wild.  While Chelan County remains in a COVID-restricted reopening phase, the rest of the BCHL is already playing games.  Players on this year’s Wild team arrive next week to begin training camp for a season that’s still up in the air.

In the middle of it all is new head coach Chris Clark.  After 11-seasons as an assistant, Clark was named head coach in late September.  He said they approached the off-season as usual…

The rest of the league has been training for weeks and began exhibition games last weekend.  Meanwhile, the Wild will begin camp Monday.  Coach Clark says he’s actually excited to have such an extended time frame to prepare his team…

Clark says he has the advantage of being with the Wild since its inception in 2008 and has coached under three great coaches.  He says his style of hockey will be very familiar to Wenatchee fans…

We’ll have more with our conversation with Chris Clark coming up tomorrow here on the NCWLIFE Channel.  The Wild are scheduled to being the BCHL season on December 4th.

Pete Carroll has been coaching the Seahawks since 2010.  In those eleven years and 191-games, only once had Seattle played an entire, penalty-free football game.  And that was Sunday in a 31-23 win over Miami.  He says he’d like to see that trend continue…

Another even larger learning curve for the Seahawks as well as the rest of the NFL regards COVID-19.  We saw several Tennessee players test positive as well as quarterback Cam Newton with the Patriots.  Coach Carroll says his team works hard on maintaining a bubble…

Playing without Newton last night, the Patriots fell to Kansas City 26-to-10.  Seattle will host Minnesota on Sunday Night Football this weekend.

Taking a look at the Les Schwab Scoreboard in the American League Divisional Series yesterday…

Alex Correa was 3-for-5 with two home runs and 4-RBI’s to lead Houston past Oakland 10-5.  The A’s had a three-run lead through three innings on homers by Khris Davis and Sean Murphy, but couldn’t hold on. 

Giancarlo Stanton’s grand slam home run in the top of the 9th was the exclamation point on a Yankee 9-3 win over Tampa Bay in Game 1 of their ALDS.  New York also got home runs from Clint Frazier, Kyle Higashioka and Aaron Judge to jump out to a 1-nothing lead in the series.  Game 2 is on TBS.

The National League Divisional Series also got underway today in Texas.  In the first game, Atlanta came from behind with a 6-run 7th inning on home runs by Travis d’Arnaud and Dansby Swanson.  Game 2 will be tomorrow at 11:08 on the Major League Baseball Network.

The Dodgers and Padres play Game 1 of their National League Divisional Series at Globe Life Field in Arlington.  You can watch it on FS1.

Thanks Eric.

Finally tonight, we’ve seen elk, deer and smaller mammals using the new wildlife crossings at Snoqualimie Pass, but nothing this far up the food chain.

State DOT cameras caught a cougar in a big hurry last weekend to get through a highway underpass near milepost 61. The agency says it’s an exciting milestone in creating safer conditions for animals and traffic alike on this very busy corridor. Biologists think the big cat was running so fast because of the noise from traffic above.

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