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Good evening and welcome to the NCWLIFE Evening News. I’m Grant Olson. Before we get to today’s top news stories, let’s take a quick look outside our weather window:

And now, a few of the stories we’re following for you tonight, Investigators say they may never know what started a barn fire near Royal City that killed 10 horses early Saturday morning. Two senior care facilities where coronavirus took hold last month now say there are no active cases of the infection among their clients or staff, and, Fourth District Congressman Dan Newhouse said Governor Jay Inslee’s 4-phase plan probably doesn’t go far enough.   

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Police today publicly identified the Douglas County sheriff’s deputy who fatally shot a Wenatchee man two weeks ago, while responding to a domestic disturbance near Rock Island. Deputy Nick English, who’s 26, has been with the Douglas County department since 2017. Before that, he was a U.S. Army paratrooper and medic. English shot and killed 29-year-old Thomas M. Mathes III on April 21st, at the home of a couple living on Norma Lane. A male resident of the home had called 911, and police said at some point, Mathes armed himself with a handgun. The shooting is under investigation by a team from the Wenatchee Police Department, Chelan County Sheriff’s Office, and the Washington State Patrol.

A Wenatchee man who opened fire on children in Washington Park 18 years ago won’t be released because he fears contracting coronavirus in prison. Hugh Allen Putnam, who’s now 63, asked Chelan County Superior Court Judge Lesley Allan to shorten his sentence because he believes he’s at risk from the virus.

But on Friday, Allan said that’s not the court’s proper place, and he should apply through the Department of Corrections. In July 2002, Putnam threatened two 13- and 14-year old boys riding bikes in Washington Park about 1 a.m., and then fired two shots from a .22 pistol. He was sentenced to 34 years in prison. About 1,000 Washington inmates have been released to help control the pandemic, but only those classified as nonviolent offenders.

Investigators say they may never know what started a barn fire near Royal City that killed 10 horses early Saturday morning. The Grant County Fire Marshal says the cause is officially undetermined. However, evidence at the scene suggests extension cords with power strips strung from the home to the barn may have played a role.

Firefighters from Grant County Fire Districts 10 and 11 responded to the fire at 12978 Dodson Road Southwest about 4:30 a.m. to find the barn fully engulfed. The 4,000-square-foot pole building did not have its own electricity source, the sheriff’s office said. The loss of the building is estimated at $80,000. The loss of the horses has not yet been estimated.

Two senior care facilities where coronavirus took hold last month now say there are no active cases of the infection among their clients or staff.

In Wenatchee, Prestige Senior Living at Colonial Vista says eight of the 10 residents at its assisted-living center who tested positive for the virus have recovered, and the five staff-members who tested positive have recovered and returned to work.

Two assisted-living clients, who were in their 80s and 90s, died from the disease. Bonaventure Senior Living in East Wenatchee says it’s clear of the virus after all three residents and two staff-members who tested positive for infection have since recovered. Operations director Jeremiah Gray says one of the three Bonaventure residents died of unrelated causes, after testing negative for COVID-19.

As part of his four-phased plan for reopening Washington businesses and activities, Governor Jay Inslee singled out 10 counties that can apply to go to the front of the line for beginning Phase 2. Those counties had to have a population of less than 75,000, no positive COVID-19 tests for the past three weeks and no deaths from the virus. Fourth District Congressman Dan Newhouse said Inslee has the right idea about a regional approach to reopening but probably doesn’t go far enough. . .

Coming up next, Central Washington University is doing what it can to help an Ellensburg hospital fight the coronavirus pandemic. Slidewaters owners say they hope to reopen the Chelan water park by June 15, if not sooner, and, Administrators at Wenatchee Valley College used Monday’s Star Wars theme to send out their own forceful message to students. I’m Grant Olson and you’re watching the NCWLIFE Evening News.

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Central Washington University is doing what it can to help an Ellensburg hospital fight the coronavirus pandemic. CWU’s student Public Health Club has led the charge in providing personal protective equipment, or PPE’s, to Kittitas Valley Healthcare. Program Coordinator Tishra Beeson says the club is employing three campus 3D printers to create face shields in a time of need. . .

A spokesperson for Kittitas Valley Healthcare says receiving these masks is a huge blessing for those working in the trenches during this pandemic.

Slidewaters owners say they hope to reopen the Chelan water park by June 15, if not sooner.

In a message to customers, the company said they will be stepping up their efforts to make sure the park is as clean and safe as possible ahead of the opening. Their plans are based on comments Governor Jay Inslee made Friday about a phased reopening of businesses throughout the state. Phase 3 of Inslee’s plan specifically references pools, which would be allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity. The date for Phase 3 is not clear,

however. Phases 1 and 2 also do not have specific dates for when each reopening will take place.

Anyone in this galaxy familiar with Star Wars knows May the 4th is a special day for the movie’s biggest fans. Administrators at Wenatchee Valley College used that special day Monday to send out their own forceful message to students. . .

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Getting stuck at home during a pandemic can be a great way to learn new skills.

In tonight’s feature story, May is Wildfire Preparedness Month, and Chelan County Fire District 1’s community wildfire liaison Jon Riley used the time to make his first educational video, just him, a video camera, and friendly dog. Take a look. . .

And that is a look at your local weather forecast, coming up next, tonight’s sports report with Eric Granstrom and more as the NCWLIFE Evening News continues right after this.

While everyone has focused on whether free agent Jadeveon Clowney might be back in Seattle, someone forgot to check on Marshawn Lynch…

Lynch admitted that his agent, Doug Hendrickson, has been in talks with Seattle about Marshawn coming back to the Seahawks for an entire season.  Lynch was an emergency signing towards the end of last season with Seattle’s backfield decimated by injuries.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks announced the signing of 12 undrafted players Monday and letting four go to make room on the roster…

The largest name released by Seattle was Naz’ Jones.  The 3rd-round selection in 2017 was released after playing just 20-games for the Seahawks in 3-years.  His time in Seattle was marred by injuries, missing the entire 2019 season with a knee.

The 12 additions include two defensive tackles (Josh Avery-Southeast Missouri & Cedrick Lattimore-Iowa); two running backs (Patrick Carr-Houston & Anthony Jones-Florida International); two cornerbacks (Gavin Heslop-Stony Brook & Kemah Siverand-Oklahoma State); two tight ends (Tyler Mabry-Maryland & Dominick Wood-Anderson-Tennessee); two free safeties (Chris Miller-Baylor & Josh Norwood-West Virginia); a wide receiver (Seth Dawkins-Louisville); and a defensive end (Marcus Webb-Troy).

Along with Jones, also released Monday were running back Adam Choice, defensive tackle Shakir Soto and linebacker Pita Taumoepenu (TAH-oom-oh-PEN-you).

The Seahawks and the NFL’s other 31 teams will find out their 2020 schedule Thursday.  The NFL Network will air a 3-hour special beginning at 5pm Thursday called the “Schedule Release ’20 Show”…

The Seahawks opponents are already known.  They play home-and-home series with their division opponents Los Angeles, San Francisco and Arizona.  They’ll also face the NFC East and AFC East this season with Dallas, Giants, Patriots, Jets and Vikings at home.  The road games will also include stops in Washington, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami and Buffalo.

The NFL is still going ahead with a start date of the weekend following Labor Day weekend in September.

Our NCWLIFE Sports Schedule starts tonight with another Great Game of our Past…

It begins with Big-9 wrestling as Wenatchee hosts Eastmont from December of 2017.  This is the match where my Dad Dave joins the broadcast and starts at 7 o’clock.

We’ll have hockey Thursday, baseball Friday and basketball and football Saturday.

Today is May 5th.  It’s not just Cinco deMayo, it’s also the day the world opened back up for outdoor enthusiasts with golfing, fishing and turkey hunting reopening in Washington.  How did I spend my morning?

So no turkey, but boy was it good to get back outside again!

Thanks Eric.

Finally tonight,Jester, the latest addition to the Moses Lake Police Department’s K9 force, began work April 24th. Over the weekend, he showed off some of his jumping skills while playing in his back yard. . .

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