Navy apologizes for skywriting above Okanogan County

Navy takes responsibly and apologizes for skywriting last month above Okanogan County.

navy aircrew

OKANOGAN – Navy officials from the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station admitted yesterday to obscene skywriting on November 16th done by a Navy air crew.

The writing upset parents and photos quickly made rounds on social media.

Navy spokesperson Lt. Cmdr. Leslie Hubble admitted to the error, “US Navy air crew, flying an F/A-18 Growler (Electronic Attack Aircraft) assigned to Electronic Attack Squadron 130 based at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Wash., flew an air pattern over Okanogan County, Washington, on Thursday, November 16, that left a condensed air trail resembling an obscene image to observers on the ground.”

Hubble called the act irresponsible and immature and the Navy will hold the aircrew accountable for their actions.

The Vice Admiral of the US Navy, T.M. Shoemaker issued this formal apology, “As Commander, Naval Air Forces, I have unique authorities to maintain and enforce discipline while promoting and preserving the high standards for the entirety of Naval Aviation. Let me assure you that I personally held the aircrew in question fully accountable for their actions. Furthermore, I have addressed this issue with all of our aviation squadrons in the state of Washington and throughout the force. I impressed upon them that this immature act was counter to our culture which values treating everyone with dignity and respect, and how this aircrew’s actions contrasted directly with the excellence and discipline our aviators and Sailors demonstrate daily in operation around the world.”