Naval Air Station pilots admit deliberate intent to draw inappropriate image in the sky


The Navy Times reports that what appeared to be a penis drawn in the sky by a Navy jet above Okanogan in November of 2017, was in fact, intentionally done by two Navy lieutenants.

The publication cited a military investigation into the incident that showed the officers never intended the drawing, done by EA-186G Growler jet’s contrails, to be seen from the ground. But it was, and a photo quickly became an Internet sensation.

Voice recordings captured the weapons officer on the jet first suggesting the phallic drawing. The pilot’s response: “Dude, that would be so funny.” When the pilot realized it was staying in the air longer than expected, he unsuccessfully tried to scribble it out.

The two immediately admitted to their executive officer at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island what they had done. The Navy did not release details on any disciplinary action taken against them, if any.