Multiple people charged after Lake Wenatchee drug raid

Police say this house on Brae Burn Road near Lake Wenatchee was the site of heavy drug commerce. (Chelan County Assessor)

LAKE WENATCHEE — A group of people sharing a Lake Wenatchee home face multiple drug charges after a police search found evidence of heavy drug commerce there.

Michael Stephen Arthur, 32, allegedly had more than a pound of methamphetamine in his vehicle when the Columbia River Drug Task Force served a warrant at the July 30 at the house on Brae Burn Road. Investigators said the home was in filthy condition, with six adults and two minor children living there.

Police with the multi-agency task force said they found small amounts of heroin and meth in the house and in trailers on the property. They reported finding drug paraphernalia including used hypodermic needles throughout the home. Police also seized three handguns and AR-15 rifle from the residence; many of the residents had prior felony convictions, including one for sexual assault.

Prosecutors charged Arthur’s fellow residents Aaron Michael Domonoske, 21, and Kaylee Renee Gregory, 24, with meth and heroin possession and maintaining a drug property. They also charged Aaron Domonoske with endangering a child with a controlled substance.

Other residents of the home — Barry G. Domonoske, 59, Jacklynn G. Davidson, 25, and Danielle M. Goodman, 34 — have been charged by warrant but not yet been brought to court. Chelan County sheriff’s deputies said the house has been the subject of many complaints of drug traffic over the years.